and Manno goes for a wave 360
here we go!
We had great swell and good wind since we arrived here. In the beginning we had nice sessions with our SUP´s before lunch and after lunch we had always wind.
Since a while ago there was wind whole day long and not much time for SUP.
When there was a big swell and south west wind predicted for Cape Town we headed north to a nice waveridingspot- Paternoster. We were not the only ones who did that...packed with people, but no-one on the water.
I was waiting for a while when the wind was to light, took a few pics of Manno. He had really nice SUP rides, long as hell! The wind was still very light but I went in the water although it was just ca 15 knots. Ones one the wave they are clean like nothing else, just press all you have in the bottomturn with sideoffshore wind.
I hoped that the wind should increase but it was the same and hard to sail. Had one really nice air...landed a bit hard and the boom broke straight off, damn!
Anyway, we had a nice trip with the guys!

/ Andreas

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 spray him!!
 on my way out
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 and Manno goes for a wave 360